Anti Covid Drug 2 DG full form (made by DRDO)

Anti Covid drug 2DG full information

Hey friends, recently the a new Anti Covid Drug launched by DRDO called 2DG. but do you know the full form of 2DG? What is the scientific name of Anti Covid Drug 2 DG?

Today, I am going to tell you about full information of 2 DG full form including its uses.

Who made Anti Covid Durg 2DG?

Anti Covid Drug 2DG is developed and made by DRDO scientist team (Defence Research and Development Organization).

Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences (INMAS) and Dr. Radis Laboratory (DRL) gave their contribution to develop covid drug. DRL will develop more units of this drug for public in future.

Defence Minister Sh. Rajnath Singh and Health Minister Sh. Harshvardhan launched the 2DG covid durg. Now, covid patient can take 2DG dose as per doctor’s prescription. Generally, 2DF drug should be taken two times in a day.

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Anti Covid Drug 2DG full form and meaning

2DG Anti Covid Drug– It is a powerful drug for covid 19 patient in a powder form like Glucose but it is not Glucose. You have to mix it in water and should take 2 times in a day as a covid drug.

2DG full form- The full form of 2DF is 2-Deoxy D-Glucose. It was observed in trail that It is the powerful drug for Covid-19 patient and it will also decrease dependence on oxygen for patient.

As we already know that Covid-19 virus is continuously affecting the people of India from last two year. After completion of 2 years, a powerful drug / medicine is made by India.

It is more powerful and effective from hydroxychloroquine, Remdisivir medicines. So, it is good news for Indian that now 2DG covid medicine will react with covid-19 virus.

2DG Covid Durg Uses-How to use it

The DRDO team said that covid-19 patient should take 2DG (2 Deoxy D-Glucose) drug times in a day under doctor’s prescription.

Firstly, mix it into water and drink it two time in a day. No any side effect observed in the trial period. So It may be best medicine of covid-19 disease.

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